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InsideOut provides high quality tuition in Circus and Physical Theatre.  Head tutor Damara Sylvester has extensive training in Aerial Silks, Stilts and Acrobatics, as well as Dance, Music, Martial Arts, and a plethora of physical theatre modalities. All tutors are chosen for their versatility, skill and passion and welcome you to join in!

CIRCUS SKILLS CLASSES FOR CHILDREN (10 - 15 years) are focussed on fostering the fundamental qualities of strength, balance and confidence, through developing skills on the aerial silks, stilts, and both individual and group acrobatics. Fun and empowering!

YOUTH THEATRE (13 - 18 years) provides a training room for youth to explore identity, confidence and sense of place. Theatre practices and performances are used to create strong actors, interesting stories for the stage and to raise consciousness and interpersonal connections. InsideOut's Youth Theatre also explores the "martial arts" of theatre training which fit under the physical theatre umbrella, such as Butoh dance theatre, circus, body percussion and voice.

AERIAL SILKS CLASSES FOR ADULTS (15 years +) are aimed at developing strength, flexibility, grace and dynamism. Classes include a thorough conditioning warm-up and cater to beginner to advanced levels. Suitable for men as well as women.

PHYSICAL THEATRE CLASSES FOR ADULTS (18 years +) are all about finding a whole and integrated way of self-expression through movement and voice. Focusing on Presence, Articulation of body, voice and imagination, Ensemble building, Spontaneity training and building confidence from the ground – up. Training practices draw from the Suzuki Method of Actor Training, The Viewpoints, Butoh dance theatre, and a host of other dance and physical theatre methodologies. 

All classes are able to be modified to a workshop format to suit your event, venue and student body.

Private tuition is also available at times specified on the Timetable.

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'Damara is an absolutely fantastic teacher.  She shares her knowledge and passion for theatre in a way that is playful and transformative, straightforward and accessible, challenging and enriching.  If you get the opportunity to work with her, go for it!  You'll be glad you did.'

'Thanks for a great workshop, it was bloomin' awesome.  I really enjoy the way you teach and share.'

'Amazing experience! So much presence, connection, symbioses  and joy, delicious! Damara has the ability to spark the oneness in the group! Then magic happens! Be there again! Thank you!'

'My daughter loves InsideOut's circus classes and has gained so much more self confidence through them. Damara is an attentive, fun teacher and knows how to engage even the most introverted kids. I love her passion for all things circus and theatrical. She has led so many children on an awesome path of self-discovery. My girl has been with InsideOut Circus for the past 5 years and she she doesn't want to stop any time soon...'

InsideOut Circus & Physical Theatre

InsideOut Circus & Physical Theatre

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