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'Chronos Interrupted' premiered at the Nelson Arts Festival in October 2020 at Deck's Reserve, Motueka. 


Designed to bring colour and vibrancy back onto the streets and be somewhat "alert level proof" as indoor shows were at the mercy of Covid changes.


What if this Cog-churning Chronos time is interrupted?

This concept was conceived during Lockdown and, no kidding, it is about the interruption of the status quo.

It is also about experiencing different aspects of Time: Chronos and Kairos, about what it is to pause, and about accepting/owning your own quirks and idiosyncrasies to discover a sense of belonging in this great, diverse garden of life.

Whatever you've got, own it...

'Chronos Interrupted' is about claiming space and time to Be as well as Do.

A colourful and choreographed look at what new possibilities can arise when we step out of the confines of conformity.

A cast of 10 navigates its way through the vibrant public space and presents exquisite physical theatre accompanied by music. The performance is aesthetically rich, physically strong and poignant in story.

Pay What You Can:

All ages.

Chronus Interrupted Poster
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